Asset Management

2016 Operations Conference Track Agenda

Meet the program development team.

Wednesday, March 30th

10:00 AM
Know Today, Change Tomorrow: How Understanding Today’s Data Will Shape Asset Management Strategies Tomorrow
Speaker: Dan Greenwood, CenterPoint Energy
It is no secret that data and analytics are an exponentially growing practice. Companies of all industries, shapes and sizes are devoting more time and money to understanding the reams of data available to them both from internal and external forces. You can’t read the news without observing how “Big Data” is shaping our world.

It is no different in the utility industry. With today’s ever-growing demand for more transparency, data collection has become essential for utility survival and will be even more indispensable for utilities to increase reliability, prioritize needs and level budgets to manage rate increases. Using data, that was previously unavailable, brings about both new opportunities and new challenges. This session explores how one of your peers uses analytics, the challenges it faces, and how everyone can benefit in the future.

3:30 PM
The Aging Infrastructure Dilemma: Comparing Notes
Speakers: Rick Geiger, Cisco Systems
Lana Gilpin-Jackson, BC Hydro
The utility industry faces significant challenges associated with aging infrastructure. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) recently gave America’s conventional energy infrastructure an overall “D+” grade based on capacity, condition, funding, future need, operation and maintenance, public safety and resilience. This session will introduce the “aging infrastructure dilemma” from two different perspectives – conventional utility assets and smart grid assets.

As conventional utility infrastructure ages, system reliability risks and operational challenges rise. Lana Gilpin-Jackson from BC Hydro will present a utility perspective on conventional utility assets and the “aging infrastructure dilemma”. Lana will discuss operational challenges associated with aging assets and strategies utilities use to address these challenges. Meanwhile, there exists a rapid increase in penetration of smart grid infrastructure in the utility industry. Rick Geiger from Cisco Systems, Inc. will present a non-utility perspective on the “aging infrastructure dilemma” in light of smart grid technologies. Rick will discuss ways utilities can leverage the emerging smart grid to better handle the “aging infrastructure dilemma” for conventional assets. He will also introduce future challenges that may emerge related to aging of smart grid assets themselves, and how utilities can prepare for those challenges.

By hearing both utility and non-utility perspectives on conventional and smart grid assets, session participants will gain insights into strategies the utility industry can employ to address the operational and reliability problems of aging utility infrastructure.

Thursday, March 31st

10:00 AM
Risk-Based Equipment Prioritization
Speakers: Don Roberts, Western Area Power Administration
Gordon Ashby, Bonneville Power Administration
Evaluation of risk is fundamental to any asset management program. The advent of “Big Data” combined with companies’ progression in analytics has led to the implementation of Risk-Based Equipment Management. Participants will learn how two organizations evaluate and prioritize equipment risk to optimize asset management. First, Donald Roberts will explain how Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) utilizes risk to prioritize replacement strategies, support a ten-year plan and meet customer expectations. Key elements in the risk analysis include equipment condition metrics, consequence of failure metrics and the Western Asset Risk Estimator (WARE) tool, which facilitates analysis of multiple scenarios to improve replacement strategies. Then, Gordon Ashby of Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) will explain how tools such as HydroAMP and Copperleaf’s C55 are used in the Federal Columbia River Power System (FCRPS) to translate equipment condition into risk in order to minimize life cycle cost and prioritize investment in a resource constrained environment.

1:00 PM
Bridging the Gap: Asset Management from the Business (and Customer’s!) Perspective
Speakers: Alex Bakulev, METSCO Energy Solutions
Maty Sauter, Portland General Electric
What is asset management, and why do we do it?

These seemingly mundane questions lay at the heart of successful asset management program design, and they’re questions that must be answered prior to the adoption of an asset management policy and methodology by the utility. Absent an understanding of the fundamental value and purpose of asset management, organizations can lose sight of the end goal and become mired in the creation of health indices, risk matrices, data collection and other versions of analysis paralysis.

This info session will cut through all that mess. Maty and Alex will talk about the basic purpose of asset management, which is to provide customers and shareholders with maximum value for their invested dollar. To do this, a quantitative understanding of system risk is required. Hence, Maty and Alex will walk through how to cost risk from customers’ and shareholders’ perspective, so that the relative value of different system investment options can be calculated and compared. Lastly, the utility needs to make it happen. Maty will talk about asset management “in action,” and discuss how PGE has built support for its new, customer-centric approach to system investment, and review challenges PGE has experienced in implementation.