Communications + Community

2016 Spring Energy Symposium Track Agenda


Thursday, March 10th

10:00 AM — 11:30 AM
Combined Session A
It’s All About Me! – A Customer Centric Point of View
Speakers: Todd Schultz, Manager, Customer Care, Idaho Power
Courtney Cudlip, Interactive Experience and Mobile, IBM
Matthew Parkhurst, Sr. Call Center Systems Analyst, Pacific Gas and Electric
So, you’re ready to start delighting your customers. But where do you start?

In this session we’ll hear from a utility that has found success in the early stages of employing journey maps to follow the steps a customer makes in our processes – like signing up for paperless billing – to reduce “pain points” for them. We’ll also hear from an industry expert in the customer interaction experience space who has led “design thinking” sessions for various west coast utilities: how utilities are understanding user needs, designing great interfaces and executing on a customer-focused strategy in digital channels. Finally, we’ll explore customer transformation in the IVR channel with a leading utility that applies best practices on how to incorporate user- centered design, customer experience and feedback to drive iterative process improvements throughout development.

12:30 PM — 2:00 PM
Excellence in Community Outreach
Speakers: Colleen Olphert, Membership and Member Services Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship, Director
Lorilee Koltai, Executive Director, Power Pioneers, BC Hydro
Utilities face diverse opportunities and challenges in reaching their communities and customers. Join us to learn from proven strategies, and to offer your best practices during a question and answer period.

2:30 PM — 4:00 PM
Economic Development – What is the Utility’s Role?
Speakers: Paul Kimmell, Regional Business Manager, Avista Corporation
David Thornton, Community and Customer Relations Coordinator, Idaho Power
Economic development plays a critical role in the retention, expansion, and attraction of businesses in the communities we serve. Find out how utilities are helping create economic development opportunities and partnerships with customers and other key stakeholders.

Friday, March 11th

9:15 AM — 10:45 AM
Best Practices in Complex Issue Messaging
Speakers: Amy Miller, Director of Community and Local Government Affairs, Public Service Compnay of New Mexico
Yvonne Low, Customer Engagement & Corporate Communications, Southwest Gas
John Egan, President, Egan Energy Communications, Inc.
The utility industry is going through a complex set of changes, all of which have to be explained to the public in plain language that is easily understandable. Find out how utilities are messaging complex topics such as the clean power plan, net metering and price increases.

11:00 AM — 12:30 PM
Navigating the Net Metering Minefield
Speaker: June Pusich-Lester, Demand Side Engineer, Regulatory Services Group, Northwestern Energy
This session will begin with an introduction to what net metering involves and how utilities like NorthWestern Energy have adopted net meter systems to advance renewable energy development. The session will explore the key considerations for developing a net metering strategy. Following the introduction, a reverse question and answer session involving the audience will provide all the opportunity to think critically about the benefits and challenges of net metering across different business sectors. Come participate in robust discussion of the challenges and opportunities with net metering policy.