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Our Members Are Our Top Priority

WEI is the premier non-profit trade association for the energy industry. Members receive a wide range of access to networking, education, collaboration, and training opportunities.

Gillian Wright, SVP & Chief Customer Officer,
Southern California Gas Company, WEI 2024 CHAIR

Connecting Members to Fuel a Brighter Future

Western Energy Institute (WEI) facilitates valuable, direct connections between electric and natural gas industry professionals. We lay all the groundwork and orchestrate discussions to enable collaboration and foster dialogues between extremely well-defined professional roles. Our support empowers like-minded professionals to connect regularly with their counterparts at other companies handling similar on-the-job issues.

Through committees, member-driven programs, forums, and relaxing symposiums, members receive a wide range of access not only to valuable networking opportunities but also to education, collaboration, and training opportunities.

Essentially, we’re relationship builders—delivering an open, member-driven learning environment to develop effective leaders and ensure that employees are well trained and informed.

WE Magazine

Western Energy® is the voice of Western Energy Institute’s 800+ volunteers and members, providing best practices, solutions and conversations about the most pressing business and operational challenges facing electric and gas industries serving the Western United States and Canada.

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Our Team

Wondering who makes WEI tick? Come browse the highly skilled, member-focused team that goes out of its way to make utilities and service companies feel welcome and involved—or stop by our Portland, Oregon, office and let us buy you a cup of overpriced coffee.

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Vision, Mission + Values

WEI is the premier non-profit trade association for the energy industry, with nearly our entire market share of potential members filled. We implement strategic, member-driven forums, identify critical industry issues, facilitate dynamic and timely employee development opportunities and support member relationships. We are committed to helping our members thrive in increasingly competitive energy markets.

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We're History in the Making

Based in Portland, Oregon, WEI was formed in 2000 from two reputable, well-known industry associations: The Western Electric Power Institute, founded in 1908, and the Pacific Coast Gas Association, founded in 1893. We welcome a diverse body of members from the United States and Canada which include investor-owned utilities and nonprofit public utilities, as well as natural gas, electric, pipeline, and service organizations.

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