Vision + Mission

Committed to You

WEI isn't just a trade association. Together, we're a team of creative problem solvers and industry experts who care about being the best at what we do, and delivering valuable products and services to our customers.

Our Vision

WEI is the premier western North American association of energy companies. We are committed to helping our members thrive in increasingly competitive energy markets.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to supporting the electric and gas industry by facilitating direct connections and open dialogues between extremely well defined professional roles through member-driven programs, forums, committees, timely career development opportunities, and relaxing environments to collaborate and network. Put simply, we’re committed to our members and we’re constantly working to nurture both long-term client relationships and connections between members to help achieve solutions vital to everyone’s success.

Our Values

We nurture long-term relationships with members based on trust and quality.
We anticipate industry developments and integrate them into member services.
We create value through innovative solutions to best serve members.
Our employees are highly-skilled, member-focused individuals.
Our culture exemplifies honest and ethical behavior.