Asset Management

Asset Management Across the Enterprise
Ramsay Sawaya, Principal Director, Accenture Inc
Phil Jones, VP, Sales, Copperleaf Technologies Inc.
• David Lewry, T&D Asset Management, Southern California Edison

How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping Asset Management Today
Ramsey Sawaya, Principal Director, Accenture
Rob D’Arienzo, Senior Meteorologist, IBM
• Travis Squires, Senior Associate, METSCO Energy Solutions
• Tessa Ryan, Distribution Asset Engineer, EPCOR Distribution and Transmission Inc.

Customer Benefits Realization through Effective Asset Management
Larry La Bolle, Regulatory Strategic Planning Manager, Avista Corp.
Denise Jamal, Senior Manager, Community Relations, Hydro One
Steven Morris, Principal, UMS Group, Inc.

Future Proofing Your Lifecycle Plans
Alexander Bakulev, Chief Executive Officer, METSCO Energy Solutions Inc.
Tom Gutwin, Principal Reliability Engineer, BC Hydro