Breakthrough Innovation

How can utilities be more proactive and effective in embracing a path towards innovation and transformation? This track will focus on new and exciting advancements in technology, digitalization, process improvement, data-driven insights, and how to implement practices that foster innovation and collaboration across all levels of the organization.

Target Audience: Professionals responsible for Innovation; Information Technology; Data Strategy + Analytics; Data Visualization; Robotic Process Automation; Artificial Intelligence; or Digital Transformation.

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Thursday, March 2, 2023

9:30 AM – 10:45 AM
Enterprise Low Code At a High Level: An Overview and Examples of How to Make Simple IT Projects Easy, and Complex Ones Efficient
In the face of labor shortages, remote work, and the ever-increasing pace of digital transformation, the trend of Low Code/No Code software development has been gaining ground.  But what exactly is it?  This session will introduce audiences to the basic concepts of low code/no code frameworks and platforms, investigate its capacity to empower users and improve efficiency and affordability, and increase awareness of its impact on business continuity and cyber security.  Presentations/case studies will also be used to demonstrate the value proposition these platforms and frameworks can have, and provide a better understanding for what to think about when planning for your potential use case.

1:30 PM – 2:45 PM
Transformation Through Automation | The Future of Work
Moderator: Dennis Rominger, Advisor, Puget Sound Energy
People are being asked to “do more with less” or to “work smarter, not harder” as companies struggle to retain employees and find competent replacements. As the challenge becomes clear and with the growth of our digital assets, it becomes difficult for us to keep up with our customers in providing quality services. A digital transformation, through automation, is underway, and it could be an answer! This session will share how automation has been used for some repetitive and low-skill processes so employees can focus on value-added work. We’ll also look into how the future of work might be performed and how decisions might be made using artificial intelligence and other emerging smart customer technologies. Expect peer sharing, engagement, and to get a sense of what lies ahead for us all.

Friday, March 3, 2023

9:30 AM – 10:45 AM
Creating Innovative Technology Solutions for Customers
Moderator: Jess Kincaid, Director of Technology Innovation, Bonneville Power Administration
Speakers: Daniel Ernstmann, Senior Consultant Grid Modernization, 1898 & Co.
Julie Koo, Interconnection Program Lead, Salt River Project
Kevin Huff, Manager Distribution Integration and Architecture, Salt River Project
This session will feature two case studies addressing real-world customer service-related challenges with innovative technology solutions (DER and Customer Communications for wildfire mitigation).  Each case study will include an overview of the challenge, a view into how IT/OT convergence concepts can be applied to address the challenge, and cybersecurity factors to be considered when designing solutions.