Business Acumen for Emerging Leaders

About the Course

Business Acumen for Emerging Leaders is a seven-month intensive training program for high potential managers and supervisors at WEI Member companies. The curriculum is designed by program facilitators and alumni, as well as utility executives and subject matter experts. The topics covered expose students to broad perspectives of the utility business and successful leadership strategies.

As an application-based leadership and industry training program, Business Acumen for Emerging Leaders is specifically designed for extraordinary, high-potential managers and supervisors in the energy industry. The program provides students with a broad comprehension of the challenges and opportunities facing the energy business and its interrelationships. It also offers leadership and public speaking training, as well as the opportunity to produce a group capstone project.

Over the course of the program, students attend four three-day sessions hosted by a WEI Member energy company where executives, subject matter experts and formal instructors provide leadership development and share perspectives on energy issues. The program concludes with a fifth session at WEI’s Annual Meeting where students deliver group capstone presentations to an executive audience of energy professionals. WEI offers two classes of 30 students each.

Contact Christopher Lee for application information or to find out more about the program.

Session Objectives for Students

Session 1: Leadership Development
• Identify your strengths and those of others.
• Establish bonds with your project team and class participants.
• Learn about the challenges and opportunities facing leaders today.
• Learn how to inclusively lead a diverse workforce.
• Begin your capstone project.

Session 2: Industry Perspectives
• Learn the basics of gas and electric operations and regulation.
• Understand emerging trends and issues in the industry, and how utilities are responding to changes.
• Make the most of the opportunity to talk with your company’s senior leadership.

Session 3: Customer and Communications
• Understand who your customers are, what they want and how to deliver on their expectations.
• Learn how to manage communications during planned and unplanned events.
• Undergo public speaking and presentation training.

Session 4: Strategic Leadership
• Understand how strategic plans are created and used.
• Identify how to champion your company’s strategic plan in your role.
• Understand how your business unit can align resources to support the strategic plan.
• Participate in a dress rehearsal for your capstone presentation.
• Create a personal career development strategy.

Session 5: Executive Presentations
• Deliver an executive-level presentation to an executive audience.
• Meet and share ideas with senior leaders in the energy industry at WEI’s Annual Meeting.

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