Business Intelligence + Technology

2016 Spring Energy Symposium Track Agenda


Thursday, March 10th

10:00 AM — 11:30 AM
Cloud Cover – A Perspective on Cloud Security and Cost
Speakers: Max Ramsay, Senior Security Solution Architecture Manager, Amazon Web Services
Sheena Chandra, Global Industry Business Development Lead, Amazon Web Services
Have questions about cloud computing? You’ve heard how you can save money, increase agility and modernize your environment with cloud computing, but where do you get started? Attend this session to learn more about the security and compliance model with Amazon Web Services, understand the “shared responsibility” model for cloud security and get answers to your frequently asked questions about how organizations are storing and protecting sensitive data in AWS. You’ll also learn more about how customers are saving money by leveraging cloud services. Total Cost of Ownership and other economic principles of cloud services will be discussed. How are customers making the shift from a fixed-cost, overprovisioned model to a no upfront investment model with low ongoing cost and additional savings as their environment grows? Bring your questions about how your organization can start making the cost justification for adopting cloud.

12:30 PM — 2:00 PM
The Grid Operating System – How Should Utilities Manage Distributed Energy Resources?
Speakers: Roy O’Kelly , VP of Business Development, Elpis2
Jim Simonelli , Chief Technology Officer, Gridco Systems
Graham Horn,  VP of Business Development, Enbala
As a growing amount of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) comes onto distribution systems, what technology is available to operate our system safely and reliably?  DERs includes not only distributed generation systems such as rooftop solar and cogen, but storage systems, and, potentially dispatchable demand side resources such Demand Response systems. What are the emerging technology platforms that the IT organization should be keeping track of?  How will these systems interface with customer programs? For this session, we’ll bring in three emerging solutions providers to explore current and future needs and solutions for operating DERs:  what’s the best way to solve these problems today and in the close-in future.

2:30 PM — 4:00 PM
Supercharged Data Analytics – How Business Analytics is Improving Operational Excellence
Speakers: Kathy Knoop, Senior Environmental Scientist/Engineer, Salt River Project
Chico Hunter, Manager of Environmental Policy & Innovation, Salt River Project
This session explores how Analytics is feeding operational excellence by leveraging T&D analytics, operational visibility, and AMI data.   The rate of PEV adoption is increasing and the technology is quickly evolving.  To fully understand the impacts and address potential reliability, power quality, or customer impacts, utility companies must aggregate data to understand and prevent potential grid impacts.   In this session, we’ll not only provides specific examples that illustrate how analytics work and how they are best applied, but also describes how to avoid potential problems and pitfalls.

Friday, March 11th

9:15 AM — 10:45 AM
Surfing the Data Tsunami – How Do We Manage All The Data?
Speakers: Ngoni Murandu, Chief Information Officer, NW Natural
David Schmitt, Data Governance Program Manager, SMUD
Our industry is building incredibly valuable stores of data from smart grid devices, meters, and, now, new data collection devices in our customers’ homes or businesses.  All this data holds the promise of dramatically improving utility operations and engaging customers in new ways.  But, inside our utility, do we have a clear picture of where the data is coming from and how all the different parts of the organization need to use it?  Worse, other companies, potentially competitors, are collecting information on our customers instead of us.  To sort out these issues, many utilities have Data Governance initiatives underway.  In this session, we’ll hear two perspectives on data governance progress:  solving this inside the walls of the utility and figuring out the right external data governance model.  Who are our organizations’ “data stewards?”  Do customers know where their data is going?  Which sources of data are most important?  Can you really solve these issues with 1 system?  We’ll explore these topics with two brief presentations and a 30 minute Q+A with the audience will follow.

11:00 AM — 12:30 PM
Solar Horizons: The Future is Bright – Are You in the Game?
Speakers: Kelly Magalsky, Solar Initiatives Manager, Avista
Martha Baeli, Senior Interconnection Manager, Pacific Gas & Electric
Solar is a customer choice that some utilities have already embraced as part of their portfolio, others are considering, and some have decided not to enter this game.

There are different strategies to consider. Join us for an electrifying presentation from a company that has entered this game in a creative way by introducing a community solar option for their customers.

Attend this session to learn more about:
• Solar tipping point
• Incentives offered
• Political, social, and customer pressures
• Solar strategies
• How utilities are adjusting
• Partnerships with others
• Benefits