Pamela Giles

Pamela Giles is currently the Billing and Customer Support Manager for Questar Gas Company. She has 26+ years of experience working in the natural gas industry. Questar Gas’ customer base is over 900,000 residential, commercial, and industrial accounts.

Pam has worked in supervision for over 17 years and was promoted to a manager position to recruit and supervise 25 Billing, Consumer Affairs, Gas Measurement, Bankruptcy, and Office Assistant Representatives. She is responsible for organizing and coordinating department operations and procedures in order to ensure organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Foster an environment where employees are motivated to deliver top performance, and are comfortable in communicating ideas for positive change.

Pam’s achievements include:
-Decreased department staff by 39% over five years with no negative impact to customer service.
-Low staff turn-over.
-Served as subject matter specialist for 1.5 years on core team to successfully implement a new CIS billing system in 2004; on-time and under budget.
-Implemented many IT programs involving demand side management and conservation enabling tariff.
-Served on special taskforce charged with implementing new Low-Income rate reduction program.
-Serve as member on energy boards for local Low-Income assistance programs.
-Frequently write and run sequel statements in Oracle database.
-Write requirements and set priorities for IT CIS system updates and enhancements.

Pam is married and has three children.

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