Robert Young

Mr. Young is a nationally recognized expert in all phases of economic and financial analysis for regulated industries. He was a pioneer in the development and use of linear programming models (optimization or least-cost planning models) for electric utility resource planning and rate design, developing such a model for Portland General Electric in 1980. Subsequent adoption of linear planning models by other utilities, commissions and public interest groups led to wide spread use of linear programming and other forms of optimization models by utilities throughout the US for the determination of future resource requirements.

Mr. Young has provided expert testimony on cost allocation and rate design before the Oregon Public Utility Commission, the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (WUTC), the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) and the U.S. Department of Commerce. Recently, Mr. Young prepared an expert report and reply report in a contract dispute between two aluminum companies before the International Chamber of Commerce, International Court of Arbitration. He successfully completed several far-reaching engagements for BPA, including a comprehensive assessment of their fiber optic strategy, a review of their financial strategy, and development of an information systems architecture plan for the Transmission Business Line (TBL). Mr. Young advised TBL on development of new transmission billing, metering, scheduling and contracts systems. He has also provided strategy consulting to US Generating Co. and PacifiCorp.

Mr. Young has assisted large high-tech manufacturing companies with negotiating open access electric power sales agreements, and advised a large independent power producer on electric power pricing issues for a proposed new aluminum smelter. Mr. Young has taught a variety of classes on engineering economics, regulatory economics and accounting, rate of return, cost allocation and rate design, and economic and financial analysis at utilities throughout the Pacific Northwest. Mr. Young has broad-based background in regulated industries and brings over 25 years of experience in a wide variety of issues.

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