Operations Business Strategies – Natural Gas PDT

Program Development Teams (PDTs) are a diverse mix of energy industry professionals responsible for the content creation of programs. Role may involve subject matter expert recruitment, participating in planning meetings and receiving invaluable networking opportunities throughout the entire process. The PDT meets monthly by teleconference to identify critical industry issues, discuss challenges, and set the agenda for the next meeting.

For more information on this Program Development Team contact Beverly Jones Woolf at joneswoolf@westernenergy.org or at 503-688-2790

Committee Members

Bob Carpenter

Southern California Gas Company

Pipeline Integrity Manager

Ryan Germaine

ATCO Natural Gas

VP, Edmonton and Calgary Operations

Bobby Lu

Southern California Gas Company

Safety Management System Program Manager

Ferenc Pataki


Director, Operations - Metro, Vancouver Island & Interior North

Omar Rivera

Southern California Gas Company

Director - Gas System Integrity Staff & Programs

Beverly Woolf

Western Energy Institute

Director of Programs
WEI Program Manager