Wildfire Planning + Mitigation PDT

Program Development Teams (PDTs) are a diverse mix of energy industry professionals responsible for the content creation of programs. The leadership team explores contemporary topics, exchange thoughts throughout the year and supports the effort to bring in content experts.

For more information on this Program Development Team contact

Amy Carlow at carlow@westernenergy.org or at 971-303-1716

Committee Members

Andrew Abranches

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Sr Director – Wildfire Preparedness & Operations

Amy Carlow

Western Energy Institute

Program Manager
WEI Program Manager

Kellie Cloud

Portland General Electric

Senior Director, Wildfire & Operational Compliance

Tara Fraser

BC Hydro

Fire Risk Management Program Coordinator

Gary Ma

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Principal Analyst, Wildfire Preparedness & Operations

Joy Mastache

Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Senior Attorney

James McKendry

BC Hydro

Transmission Vegetation Program Manager, Integrated Planning

Mukul Shekhar

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Manager, Benchmarking & Analytics

James Tuccillo

Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Manager, Distribution Engineering

Richie Veihl

San Diego Gas & Electric Company

Fire Science and Coordination Program Manager
Past Chair

Paul Wienecke

Clark Public Utilities

Forestry Maintenance Manager