Electric Operational Excellence

2016 Operations Conference Track Agenda

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Wednesday, March 30th

10:00 AM
Great Expectations: Current and Future Practices of Planned Outage Notification
Speakers: Marlene Murphy-Roach, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Ryan Slack, Portland General Electric
Marilu Gokey, BC Hydro
Today’s customer expects more from their utility, providing adequate planned outage notification gives customers an opportunity to make alternate arrangements. This gives the customer the opportunity to prepare for a planned outage, which in turn leads to better customer satisfaction. In this session we will discuss how outage planning, communication, and execution can make or break a utility, with increasing customer expectations, and government regulations.

3:30 PM
Cutting Edge Customer Communication Technologies – Eliminating the “Where’s Waldo” Effect on Customer Projects
Speakers: Pati Silva, BC Hydro
Mike Murias, FortisAlberta
David Gabbard, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
This session will share customer interactive self-serve web designs and mobile technologies that have become a part of overall customer communication standards and provided transparent customer accessible project schedules.  Responding to customers need for real time visibility of project schedules and requirements and discover how utilities are using these tools to gain alignment with customer expectations and provide transparency across the projects.

Thursday, March 31st

10:00 AM
Distributed Energy Resources – an Evolving Distribution System
Speakers: Tobie Anderson, Southern California Edison
Thomas Verkaik, Southern California Edison
Discussing internal perspective and process, for operation of the utilities existing distribution system, in conjunction with customer distributive generation. How do we prepare our work force to identify and work in a evolving distribution system safely and effectively while honoring our customers prerogative to provide their own generation sources?

1:00 PM
Doing it Right the First Time: Successful QC/QA of Contractors in a Utility Setting
Speakers:  Steve Schmidt, NorthWestern Energy
Jim McAdams, Cupertino Electric, Inc
Gregg Kludjian, Asplundh Construction Corporation
In this session we will discuss day 2 accountability, construction, and safety standards of contract labor and it’s direct connection to system reliability, customer service, and company loyalty.  We will uncover the degree to which the project’s components meet the Owner’s expectations, objectives, standards, and intended purpose are and their importance.