Electric Substation

2016 Operations Conference Track Agenda

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Wednesday, March 30th

10:00 AM
Energy Storage in Substations
Speaker: Mike Della Penna, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
The adoption of roof top solar energy generation at the distribution level has altered the way the grid is behaving. California utilities are experiencing more substations with reverse feed into the transmission grid when the sun is out  causing elevated voltages on that grid. One solution to this problem is to store energy at the distribution substation during periods of reverse feed. California’s mandate, which requires utilities in the state to adopt energy storage by 2020, is compelling California utilities to install distribution substation size  battery storage facilities.  This presentation covers the major battery storage facilities in California, with evaluation on battery types, elements of the energy storage facility, initial cost, and cost of operation.  The presentation will also address energy storage applications other than renewable energy integration. 

3:30 PM
New Role of Substations
Speakers: Dave Dolezilek, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
Robin Jenkins, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
David Hanson, Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power.
Jeffery King, Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power
The role of Substations has seen dramatic changes in recent years and one of those changes is the use of photovoltaic (PV) devices to generate power inside the Substation.
Los Angeles Dept. of Water and Power (LADWP) has been involved in numerous projects involving the installation of photovoltaic (PV) energy projects in Substations. This session will discuss past construction projects LADWP has completed and the current technology being used by LADWP. The session will also discuss various types of installations, challenges with the operation and maintenance of the PV systems, and environmental concerns with installing PV systems in Substations. The session will end with a question period to allow conference participants to share similar experiences.

IEC 61850 was created to be an internationally standardized method of communication and integration and to support systems built of intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) from multiple manufacturers that are combined within communication networks to perform protection, monitoring, automation, metering, and control. In this technology fundamentals discussion, we will discuss the features and protocols that comprise the IEC 61850 communications standard. SEL developed much of the underlying technology and UCA communications that were later harmonized with IEC to become the basis for the 61850 Communications Standard.

Thursday, March 31st

10:00 AM
Substations Physical Security
Speaker: Joe Bennett, ITC
Come hear the history and what others are doing in terms of substation physical security, why they are doing it. Most importantly, how it is impacting day to day operations for internal Operations and/or Engineering groups. 

1:00 PM
Rapid Fire:  Substations Best Practices
Speakers: Simon Han, Southern California Edison
Alfonso Orozco, San Diego Gas & Electric
Scott Anderson, Salt River Project
Dan McCullough, San Diego Gas & Electric

Substation Tablet Applications:
Southern California Edison will provide insight into the substation specific tablet based applications they have developed and the IT infrastructure that supports these field applications.

Falling Conductor Tripping for Distribution:
San Diego Gas & Electric has developed techniques to detect and trip for falling distribution conductor that allows for circuit de-energization before the conductor hits the ground. This presentation will outline the techniques and the engineering challenges associated with this project.

Salt River Project Power Transformer Strategy:
Salt River Project (SRP) has examined their critical infrastructure and developed a plan to have adequate spares for multiple contingencies.

Synchronous Condenser Installation Applications:
San Diego Gas & Electric completed the first of four synchronous condenser facilities at Talega Substation in August 2015. The remaining three facilities at Miguel, San Luis Rey, and San Onofre Substations will be completed by the end of 2017 for a total of 1575 MVAr of dynamic reactive power support to the SDG&E 230 kV transmission system. The development of these projects from concept to construction, the unique designs required for each site, and the operation and maintenance concerns associated with a synchronous condenser facility will be discussed.