Electric Transmission Design, Construction + Maintenance

2016 Operations Conference Track Agenda

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Wednesday, March 30th

10:00 AM
Underground and Underwater Transmission
Speakers: Alain Billot, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Gerry Hassler, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Scott Jacobson, Harbor Offshore Inc.
Cliff Center, Harbor Offshore Inc
Political, environmental and real-estate constraints are driving the increased viability of sub-marine and underground transmission installations.  An overview of recent installations will highlight some of the complexities and challenges faced on these projects.  The projects to be covered include a transmission cable installation through the heart of San Francisco and the San Francisco Bay and a removal and installation  project of a multi cable system between shore and multiple offshore oil and gas producing platforms in the Southern California area.

3:30 PM
Unmanned Aerial Systems – Drones for Transmission Construction and Maintenance
Speakers: Andy Krawczel, San Diego Gas & Electric
Christine Asaro, San Diego Gas & Elelctric
Chris McMurtry, Aerial Inspection Resources
Unmanned Aerial Systems – commonly known as “drones” – is one of the most revolutionary and impactful technologies to be introduced in the past decade. Drones have the potential to radically increase safety and improve the effectiveness for a variety of processes that were traditionally performed by manned aircraft, boom trucks and climbing crews. A variety of compelling media samples of unmanned aircraft working in real world situations will be shown to give a great overview of how this technology can be used today and what the future holds for this transformative utility inspection and maintenance tool.

Thursday, March 31st

10:00 AM
Grid of the Future – Connecting Renewables
Speakers: Wayne Morton, Wind Energy Transmission Texas
Juergen Bermejo, Bonneville Power Administration
Electricity from renewable resources is an increasingly important part of current and future resource portfolios, both regionally and nationally.  The rapid growth of intermittent generation places a new set of challenges to operators of transmission grids.   This session will discuss the challenges of integrating over 9,000 MW wind capacity in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, as well as the role of Texas Competitive Renewable Energy Zone (CREZ) projects in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas.

1:00 PM
Competitive Bidding for Transmission – Is the Monopoly Gone?
Speakers: Justin Bieber, Pacific Gas and  Electric Company
Peter Bettle, Brookfield Asset Management
FERC’s landmark Order No. 1000 ruling seeks to remove transmission development barriers by increasing competition and regional coordination.  The introduction of competition in a traditionally monopolized space introduces a number of intriguing challenges.  An overview will be provided of current events in the competitive transmission planning process, followed by a panel discussion regarding the emerging challenges of the new environment.  The panel will include a traditional utility and a development company which invests globally in electric transmission assets in both competitive and regulated markets.