The Evolving Electric Grid

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Meet the Evolving Electric Grid PDT.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Electric Power System Communication
Speakers: Greg Frankamp, Communications Engineer, Idaho Power Company
Charlie Seese, AMI IT Lead, Puget Sound Energy
Reliable and secure communication is a foundational component of the evolving grid. How can an electric utility select and implement a communication system capable of supporting their growing operational needs? In this session, utility and energy industry speakers will present case studies on how they are meeting the challenges of implementing communication technologies that support various systems like Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS), and Integrated Volt VAR Control (IVVC).

3:30 PM – 5:00 PM
Electrification of Transportation System
Speakers: Molly Amendt, Project Manager, San Diego Gas & Electric Company
Luis Alarcon, CEO, Conekt2
Omneya Salem, COO, Conekt2
Learn about the impact of large scale electrification on the grid and how to accommodate this through information on the “Power Your Drive” project. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow – An overview of the EV infrastructure trends and how regulation and private business are influencing it. The introduction will be followed by a live case study of SDG&E’s EV infrastructure pilot program ‘Power Your Drive’ with a discussion of the implementation structure, strategies and challenges. The session will conclude with a discussion on Grid management along with customer perceptions, habits and trends.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Non-Wires Alternatives: Solve Grid Challenges Without New Wires
Speakers: Michael Barigian, Engineer 3, Southern California Edison
Ray Hudson, Global Solar Service Line Leader, DNV GL
Ravi Agerwahl, Bonneville Power Administration
What are the regulatory drivers and technical needs for DERs? We’ll explore through case studies and the demonstration of a long term planning tool for DER’s. Perhaps you have come across this recent alphabet soup: NWA, DR, EE, NWS, DER, etc. Maybe you’ve scratched your head and wondered, what do these non-wire alternative (NWA) investments and operating practices really mean for today’s electric utility system– and how can policy keep pace, or even set the stage, for continued advancement? If so, join this session to learn your options when it comes to these flexible and functional solutions, and to hear more about innovative new ways to solve traditional problems utilizing NWAs.

Presentations from seasoned industry experts include case studies from Bonneville Power Administration’s I-5 corridor and Southern California Edison’s long-term planning tool for DER’s, as well as a regulatory perspective on what NWAs mean for the electricity sector’s dynamic energy reality.

1:00 PM – 2:30 PM
Evolution of the Distribution Control Center
Speakers: Michael Legatt, CEO and Founder, Resilient Grid
Chris Hirsch, Electric Distribution Operations Manager, San Diego Gas & Electric Company
We will look at the changing needs of the operations control center as well as DERMs control and the management of DERs.
Significant investments are being made to modernize utility control center facilities, technology, and processes. Employee engagement and change management are critical to project success. Operators are more important than anything in the control room. So what is can your organization do to support that success? Learn about San Diego Gas & Electric’s approach to change management during their recent control room facility and software modernization project. Michael Legatt from Resilient Grid will then discuss Human Performance in the control room and the problem of today: How are control room operators going to manage the integrated grid? He will focus on managing control room operator cognitive load and walk us through eight possible ways to reframe the integrated grid management problem.