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We host over 100 programs a year, from small-sized executive forums to large-sized industry conferences; from one-day meetings to five-day schools. Each year, our programs bring together over 5,000 energy professionals. Simply put, we offer something for everyone in the energy industry.


9,600 instructional hours completed this past year

Over 5,000 program participants this past year

We offer over 100 programs each year

Get to know industry experts from all over through our many networking opportunities.

With mentoring, schools, trainings, and webinars, we offer several ways to help career development.

We foster a collaborative environment for participants to exchange ideas.

Hear from industry leaders and innovators and be on the forefront of industry knowledge.

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Industry Forums

Claims + Damage Recovery

Meets annually in April. This annual program focuses on sharing best practices and building relationships with other leaders in claims and collection management and offers insights from guest speakers who have been expert witnesses in claims investigations. Participants will learn about and discuss issues common to Western utilities such as fire and storm recoveries, inverse condemnation, settlement and negotiations, and proper record keeping from industry professionals. This program is open to both WEI members and non-members.
Industry Forums

Customer + Corporate Symposium

Meets annually in March. Join over 250 energy professionals to discuss the latest trends, ongoing developments, and best practices impacting the industry now and in the future. This annual event, offered in-person and virtually, brings together specialists, coordinators, supervisors, managers, and directors responsible for a variety of functional areas across corporate services and customer connections. The diverse mix of presentations, panels, roundtable discussions, and networking opportunities allow attendees to share their experiences and develop contacts within the industry. This program is open to both WEI members and non-members and is an excellent professional development and organizational team-building opportunity.
Industry Forums

Emergency Response + Assistance Practices

Meets annually in March. This forum provides an open discussion on pressing topics surrounding utility emergency planning and operations and offers leaders a platform to develop relationships and share insights that prove beneficial in an emergency. The Emergency Response + Assistance Practices program is open to utilities and service providers.
Industry Forums

Fleet Management

Meets biannually in February + August. This biannual forum provides fleet leadership professionals an opportunity to discuss best practices and share new processes and technologies. Participants will work collaboratively to select topics that are relevant to all participating organizations. This program is intended for fleet leadership professionals.
Industry Forums

Hydrogen Engineers

Meets biannually. Hydrogen is one of the next steps in the evolution of the energy grid in North America as we strive to decarbonize and combat climate change. This program intends to connect technical professionals within the utility industry and allow them to begin to build a network of colleagues working within this ever-changing landscape. This program is intended for hydrogen engineers, utility business development professionals, engineering consultants, and product manufacturers.
Industry Forums

Joint Use Conference

Meets annually, month varies. New technology, new regulations and an aging infrastructure continue to change the landscape of joint use. This annual forum features a unique mix of presentations, dynamic power table topics, vendor displays, and networking opportunities to exchange information and best practices. Considered the premier joint use conference, content is designed for utility, telecomm, wireless and broadband companies; as well as consultants and service companies who deal with joint use, pole ownership and attachments.
Industry Forums

Operations Conference

Meets annually in April. The Operations Conference is WEI’s largest event. The annual in-person conference brings together hundreds energy industry professionals for three days of education and networking. In addition to general sessions with industry leaders and keynote speakers, the Operations Conference offers fifteen tracks with breakout sessions targeted to specific operations functions. Tracks: Asset Management, Damage Prevention, Electric Distribution, Electric Substation, Electric Transmission, Grid of the Future, Grid Resilience, Low Carbon Fuels, Natural Gas Emergency Response + Restoration, Natural Gas Integrity Management, Natural Gas Operational Excellence, Operational Leadership, Safety + Health, Safety Management Systems, and Workforce Development. This program is open to anyone in the energy industry.
Industry Forums

Overhead Underground Electric Distribution

Meets biannually in April/May + October. The technology, application, and specifications for designing, building, and maintaining overhead and underground lines are constantly evolving. This biannual forum brings together electric utility professionals to discuss current standards, materials, and maintenance for distribution operations. Attendees will be given the opportunity to submit questions and receive feedback from their peers, and will leave with practical knowledge to reduce costs and improve efficiency and safety. This program is intended for operations and maintenance personnel, standards and design engineers, line technicians, as well as T&D supervisors, and suppliers of distribution and substation products and services.
Industry Forums

Procurement Management

Meets annually in September. Successful procurement management relies on a well-developed infrastructure, appropriate tactical resources, and thorough analysis. This forum offers an opportunity for procurement managers and specialists to come together with industry partners and suppliers for roundtable discussions and expert presentations. Topics include KPIs, supplier relationship management, sustainability, and best practices in purchasing and contracting. This program is intended for professionals responsible for supply chains, inventory, and purchasing.
Industry Forums

Project Management + Utilities

Meets annually in September. WEI’s Project Management Forum brings together gas and electric utility project, program and portfolio management leadership and practitioners to discuss the latest industry trends and best practices. There will be three foci for the breakout rooms: PMO Leadership, Construction, and IT. This program is an excellent professional development and organizational team-building opportunity.
Industry Forums

Safety Summit

Meets annually in August/September. This summit is designed for gas and electric utility safety professionals, and spans across three unique, topical tracks: Safety Strategy + Policy, Electric Safety Work Methods, and Gas Safety Work Methods. Content is designed to promote safety culture through discussions related to the education and training that can influence utility operations, as well as address some of the challenges and successes associated with developing strategy. This program is intended for managers, supervisors, trainers, safety advocates and anyone responsible for safety work methods (gas and electric) or safety strategy and policy.
Industry Forums

Secondary Network

Meets annually in September. This annual forum addresses the reliability, safety and protection challenges of spot networks and grid systems that comprise the secondary network. This program is intended for utility professionals involved with power distribution reliability planning, engineering, operation, standardization, protection and control, power quality analysis of secondary spot network and grid systems, also service company professionals who offer support to any aspect of the secondary network system are welcome to attend.
Industry Forums

Transportation Electrification

Industry Forums

Utility Pole + Overhead Systems

Meets biannually in September. Utility pole structures and related overhead systems provide a unique set of challenges. This biennial program offers over 14 sessions to highlight new technologies, best practices, and to address those unique challenges. This program also features over 25 vendors that offer hands-on demonstrations of the latest pole products and innovations in the industry. This program will best serve engineers, operations, and purchasing personnel from utilities and service companies.

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