Benefits of Working with WEI

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WEI membership is composed of 80 energy companies, including gas pipelines, electric and gas distributors, electricity generators, power marketers, and more than 220 industry service providers.

Energy Company Benefits

  • Consistent, dependable insight from peers through perpetual and relaxing networking opportunities;
  • Opportunities to collaborate with utility executives and leaders to direct and enact change by serving on the board and other committees;
  • Business acumen development and hands-on technical training for technicians, frontline personnel, and supervisors; and
  • Access and discounted rates to every program we offer to discuss emerging issues with regulators, government officials, industry experts, special interest groups, and visionary business leaders.
Our Energy Companies

Service Company Benefits

  • The opportunity to serve alongside utility professionals and leaders in a relaxing environment that encourages collaboration and networking;
  • Opportunities to sponsor programs and network with utility executives and leaders in a relaxing environment;
  • Access and discounted rates for all programs, excluding executive forums; and
  • Leadership opportunities by serving on various WEI committees connected to many programs offered and the service company committee and board.
Our Service Companies

Our Programs

WEI offers a member-driven, open learning environment to develop effective leaders and ensure that employees are well trained. Each year, WEI sponsors educational and networking programs benefiting over 2,700 employees and helping member companies thrive in increasingly competitive energy markets.

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