Low Carbon Fuels

Low Carbon Fuels will delve into how natural gas is key to our environmentally focused future. Session topics cover new industry focuses such as how to incorporate new pipeline fuels such as Renewable Natural Gas and Renewable Hydrogen in your pipeline system. Come join us as we explore the exciting future of our natural gas industry.

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All session times are listed in Pacific time.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

11:00 AM – 12:15 PM
Decarbonization: Overview of the Options
Moderator: Christy Engemann, Manager, Environmental Commitment, Spire Storage
Panelists: Brendan Shaffer, Associate, Zen Clean Energy Solutions
Michael Goff, Technology Manager, Black & Veatch

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

1:15 PM – 2:30 PM
Hydrogen Pathways to Renewable Energy
Speaker: Brendan Shaffer, Associate, Zen Clean Energy Solutions
Linh Austin, Chief Operating Officer, BayoTech
Armando Infanzon, Director, Business Development, Southern California Gas Company
Hydrogen is a uniquely versatile energy carrier that has the potential to be a key driver of the clean energy transition.  This track will take you on a journey through the various pathways that can lead the energy industry to decarbonization through a range of different renewable technologies and low-carbon production pathways.

Hydrogen- The Key to Evolving the Energy System. Hydrogen is an energy carrier that can complement electricity in the effort to evolve the energy system to a low-carbon and renewable one. The majority of hydrogen produced in the US comes from carbon-intensive processes, including steam methane reformation (SMR), which accounts for 77% of national production and by-product hydrogen from refining operations accounting for 23% of production. This presentation will discuss the different pathways for producing low-carbon, renewable hydrogen and the different end-use sectors that this low-carbon, renewable hydrogen could serve.

BayoTech is creating a localized hydrogen production pathway to expedite adoption, lower transportation costs, and reduce overall emissions. The established centralized hydrogen supply chain must be disrupted to promote a more affordable, sustainable, and accessible supply. The journey to the adoption of Hydrogen as a significant, decarbonized contributor to the energy mix must follow numerous disruptive, parallel pathways to expedite adoption. These must consider the demand drivers of end-users and find short-, medium- and long-term solutions, which drive incremental improvement and offer flexibility to meet the evolutionary phases which the industry will go through. The development of scalable, decentralized hydrogen production capacity will be a critical pathway in promoting early adoption and reducing emissions.

Southern California Gas will present on HyET Hydrogen Distribution Technology. SoCalGas is testing a technology that could transform hydrogen distribution and enable a rapid expansion of Hydrogen Fueling Stations. This new device separates hydrogen from natural gas when the two gases are blended in pipelines. Come hear all about it.

3:00 PM – 4:15 PM
Hydrogen Blending – What Have We Learned
Speakers: Ariana Frame, Distribution Engineer, Southwest Gas Corporation
Andrew Hegewald, Gas Business Development Manager, Dominion Energy
There is a significant push to get to 20% blended hydrogen into the natural gas system by 2030. Gas utilities continue to advance hydrogen pilot projects as the industry focuses on long-term solutions for decarbonizing pipeline networks, especially as introducing hydrogen into utility pipeline systems might impact pipeline integrity and system operations. Dominion Energy and Southwest Gas will describe their company’s hydrogen road maps and their progress to date. Building and sharing expertise within the utility industry will allow everyone to scale up as the market continues to develop.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

9:30 AM – 10:45 AM
RNG Injection Projects – Lessons Learned
Speakers: Jim Lucas, Market Development Manager, Southern California Gas Company
Richard Goddard, Renewable Energy Transaction Manager, NW Natural
Interested in learning about strategies to make your Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) interconnection project a success story? Discover development approaches that would limit the uncertainties of technical and commercial viability from the lens of gas pipeline operators and project developers. A presentation by SoCalGas will review legislative and regulatory drivers of RNG in California, project economics based on application types, and stories of RNG interconnection projects. NW Natural will present key variables from evaluation to commissioning processes to enable the successful and continuous introduction of RNG to the natural gas network.