NG Dist – Emergency Response + Field Services

2016 Operations Conference Track Agenda

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Wednesday, March 30th

10:00 AM
Standardizing Meter Set Design
Speaker: Jere Carlin, NW Natural
Through standardization of their commercial and residential meter sets, Northwest Natural has minimized material costs, decreased installation time, enhanced adaptability to load variances as they occur, and minimized the regulated footprint of meter sets.

3:30 PM
Mock Emergency Training: Practice Makes Perfect
Speakers: Erin Swearingen, Avista Utilities
Brian Taylor, Avista Utilities
How do you test the preparedness of your emergency response personnel? How do you equip your emergency response personnel and the personnel of other entities? We will discuss how to prepare for, coordinate and conduct a mock emergency. We will also cover how to involve all of the players, including fire and police departments, other utilities and state/local municipalities, and how to utilize the information gained to become better at emergency response. 

Thursday, March 31st

10:00 AM
Securing Safety in Emergency Evacuations
Speakers: Paul Good, Avista Corp
Javier Rodriguez, Southwest Gas Corporation
Andy Wells, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
If you detected a high-emergency gas leak today, would you know the appropriate sequence of response actions to execute? Hear from panelists on how to monitor and evacuate in an emergency situation and learn about actions that can be taken to respond to these incidents.

1:00 PM
Incident Command and Resource Management
Speaker: Craig Barker, Southwest Gas Corporation
Chandra Wilborn-Davis, Southwest Gas Corporation
The use of an incident command system provides emergency responders with a formalized structure of protocols to effectively promote communication, safety, planning and coordination. We will discuss the benefits of establishing incident command and the integral role of mutual aid and dispatch during incident command system events.