NG Dist – Operational Excellence

2016 Operations Conference Track Agenda

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Wednesday, March 30th

10:00 AM
Role of Tablets in the Field
Speaker: Craig Schreiner, McElroy Manufacturing, Inc.
More and more organizations leverage the use of mobile technology to improve workflow, drive productivity and streamline operations. This session will explore how the use of mobile technology platforms combined with custom software applications redefine how field operators work.

3:30 PM
Pipeline and Component Tracking and Traceability: Implications for GIS and Barcoding
Speaker: Mark Warner, Questar Gas
The implications of providing traceability and tracking of plastic pipe and components as proposed by PHMSA in May of last year are far-reaching and will have significant impacts on the way operating companies and manufacturers handle the marking and tracking of materials as well as the data gathering and storage of pipe and components. Industry and standards organizations have long been looking at ways to standardize material attribute data formats and tracking systems such as barcoding, RFID, etc. However, many manufacturers and most operating companies haven’t yet incorporated these standards into their operations. Incorporating procedures and processes to implement a full Tracking and Traceability Program (TTP) for pipe and components will be discussed as well as the use of associated technologies such as barcoding, GPS, GIS, etc. The future for these technologies and TTP is promising but will still require much development and investment.   

Thursday, March 31st

10:00 AM
Legacy Pipe
Speakers: Ryan Truair, NW Natural
Judy Peck, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Di Rushfeldt, ATCO Gas
Thomas Cardin, Southwest Gas Corporation
Join our panel of experts for a discussion on legacy pipe. Panel members from ATCO Gas, NW Natural, Pacific Gas & Electric and Southwest Gas discuss how their companies define and identify legacy pipe and describe the methodology used in both prioritizing and managing its replacement. In addition, participants will learn more about the regulatory components involved, including payment/costing options.

1:00 PM
Construction Resource Strategies
Speakers: Shaun Heberlein, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Kcammee Vreman, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Jason Schnell, ATCO Gas
As the utility sector faces increased workloads to address aging gas distribution infrastructure across the United States, this panel discussion will first delve into successful approaches to allocating work in-house versus using contractors. Panelists will then explore contracting strategies to consider when the use of contractors is beneficial, with a specific focus on alliance contracting structure and successful management mechanisms for contracting relationships.