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2016 Operations Conference Track Agenda

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Wednesday, March 30th

10:00 AM
Climate Change: The Future is Now for Utilities
Speakers: Cecile Pinto, Pacific Gas and Electric Company,
Daniel Sanchez, Pacific Gas and Electric Company,
Brian D’Agostino, San Diego Gas & Electric,
Deanna Haines, Southern California Gas Company and San Diego Gas & Electric Company
Wildfires, storms, and other natural forces related to climate change are a steadily growing threat to energy infrastructure and utility operations.  This session discusses how utilities are adapting plans and strategies to be more resilient to the realities of these growing challenges. 

3:30 PM
Bird-Related Operational Constraints, Reliability Issues, and Potential Solutions
Speakers: Jim Burruss, Burns & McDonnell
Doug Johnson, BC Hydro
Sherry Liguori, PacifiCorp
Tyson Read, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Laura Burkholder, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Birds caused outages and problem nest issues can reduce utility system reliability, limit or constrain operational and maintenance activities and potentially result in violations of state or federal laws. Learn about the laws, best management practices and current initiatives to protect avian species while reducing impacts to utility operations and improving reliability.

Thursday, March 31st

10:00 AM
Cultural Artifacts + Operational Challenges
Speakers: Seth Rosenberg, Southern California Gas Company
Laura Springsteen, Questar Corporation
Energy company operations + maintenance can occasionally result in archeological findings of cultural artifacts that are of tremendous benefit to scientific and community interest. Identifying and incorporating best practices around planning for and navigating the operational challenges related to these artifacts can be critical for the success of those projects. Hear from utility peers about the most critical considerations and lessons learned regarding avoiding or uncovering cultural artifacts, including:
• Managing relationships with community stakeholders and the media
• Tools and systems to streamline work and permitting plans in areas known to be sensitive
• Permitting strategies for realistic project budget and timelines

1:00 PM
Spatial Data Tools and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones)
Speaker: Chris McMurtry, Aerial Inspection Resources
Robert Fletcher, San Diego Gas & Electric
James Sheppard, Ph.D., San Diego Zoo
New technology in gathering and analyzing spatial data has provided environmental professionals with exciting and innovative new tools for surveying environmental impacts. This session will include an overview of technology currently being used in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, (drones,) as well as case studies of utilities implementing the technology to enhance environmental projects.