2016 Operations Conference Track Agenda

Meet the program development team.

Wednesday, March 30th

10:00 AM
Employee Engagement – Safety Through Employee-Led Projects
Speakers: Darwyn Anderson, Seattle City Light
Susan Paine, Seattle City Light
The Other 16, a home-grown safety initiative by Seattle City Light (SCL), uses the momentum of employee and executive engagement by committing to ongoing empowering of staff with employee-led projects, SCL has found a formula that has resulted in safety culture success. Learn how they implemented these programs and how they are proving to be effective.

This session will provide: Information about SCL’s employee-led safety projects, details about the executive site assessment program, and insight into how leading indicators are showing the positive impact of these strategies.

3:30 PM
Effective Safety Coaching – Are you a Cop or a Buddy?
Speaker: Michael Malloy, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Leaders understand their role in safety performance and how coaching and leadership behaviors shape the sustainability of our safety culture. We will present expectations for Supervisors in the field, and how other Leaders in the organization can support them.

We will discuss defining roles in support of changing a safety culture from Supervisor to Senior Leaders; the importance of field safety observations and recording all key behaviors; and the difference in safety between behaviors vs. motivations.

Thursday, March 31st

10:00 AM
Measuring Safety Performance, Focusing on the Future
Speaker: Mike Mangan, DEKRA Insight
Christopher Davy, Southwest Gas
William Messner, Portland General Electric
The holy grail for safety leaders is to find the few leading indicators that, once identified, provide the key to unlocking safety performance in the organization.  This laudable, but quixotic approach ignores the dynamic nature of leading measures, the impact that behavior has on the validity of measures, and the changing safety environment.  In this presentation, we’ll focus instead on eight guiding principles for establishing and refreshing metrics to drive both safety performance and strategy.

1:00 PM
Early Injury Intervention
Speaker: Deborah Boccuzzi, Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Poor health, and conversely good health, has a profound impact on safety.  Musculoskeletal Disorder impacts companies from both a safety and cost perspective. We will examine the Industrial Athlete Program which was implemented at Pacific Gas & Electric in 2011 as a “Hire to Retire” comprehensive set of injury prevention interventions. The interventions are designed to reduce injuries and improve the physical and mental resilience of employees working in the highest risk and most physically demanding positions.  Come learn about the different components PG&E has implemented to prevent and reduce the severity of Musculoskeletal Disorder.