Alfredo Ulanday

Mr. Ulanday is a Professional Engineer registered in the State of Illinois, has a BS in Thermomechanical Engineering and Energy Conversion, and a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He holds a MBA in Finance with a Minor in Operations Management from the University of Chicago. He is a main body member of the ANSI ASC Z380 Gas Piping and Technology Committee.

Mr. Ulanday is currently a Sr. Project Manager at EN Engineering, overseeing a variety of projects providing consulting services that support the firm’s gas and oil pipeline and gas utility clients. These projects include DIM and TIM Plans and Program Management Support, ECDA, ICDA, Engineering/Operations Regulatory Audits and Pipeline Safety Regulatory Compliance, Procedures and Standards Development, and Engineering/Operations Training. He applies over 30 years’ experience on gas utility engineering and standards, code compliance, and operations to his current EN Engineering consulting role.

He enjoys travel and the outdoors, especially with family.

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