Ashley Quinonez

Ashley Quinonez joined The Mosaic Company in 2016 and is currently leading the consulting and development efforts for the SaaS solution, Tapestry, an information relationship database, powered by Mosaic. Prior to this role, she ran other projects for a west coast investor-owned utility that ensured role-based training alignment for over 60 roles, developed processes to ensure risk reduction in the field, and performed strategy analysis of other utilities across the United States. Before joining The Mosaic Company, Ashley worked in retail as an Assistant Manager at a massive retailer where she was able to increase sales and improve employee engagement while earning her Master’s Degree in Literature from Chapman University in Orange, CA. Ashley’s diverse background allow her the flexibility and creativity to find a niche in process analysis, improvement, data and technology where she is highly effective at evaluating organizations and their workforce to reduce risk and improve efficiencies.

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