Attila Miszti

Attila Miszti has passion for heightened business acumen, efficient allocation of scarce resources, and continuous improvement thru innovation within the work environment. Early on, he worked as a Network Engineer for Cal Fed bank and later joined Citigroup as a member of the “mergers and acquisitions” team. His involvement included both pre-merger technology and financial analysis and post-merger data center and systems integration. There he gained experience in both the technical aspects and often contentious and turbulent human factors involved with post-merger integration.

His interest in performance management and creating “metrics that matter” in 2009 led him to pursue an opportunity with SMUD’s newly minted Enterprise Performance Office. In this role he is tasked with creating objective data measures & metrics and fostering continuous improvement by leading innovative business improvement initiatives. Attila has earned multiple IT industry certifications from CompTIA, Microsoft, and Cisco System in addition to a BS in Economics from University of San Francisco and an MBA from California State University of Sacramento.

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