Ben Peco

Ben’s current role as Senior Manager sees him providing leadership over BC Hydro’s Security and Resiliency Program. This includes emergency and business continuity management and the BC Hydro fire marshal as well as initiatives such as disaster preparedness, facility incident response management, incident response and various training and exercise components. His portfolio cuts across the entire organization and includes, to a lesser degree subsidiaries and third-party vendors.

Prior to joining BC Hydro in 2012, Ben’s experience includes ten years working at Bell. His later experience with Bell saw him design, implement and deliver emergency, security, and crisis response plans for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and 2012 London Summer Olympics.

Ben is currently the Canadian Electrical Association Mutual Assistance Committee’s Co-Chair and member of the Western Energy Institute Mutual Assistance Working Group and Inter-Agency Emergency Preparedness Council British Columbia.

Ben holds a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education and Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) from Queen’s University, and Emergency Management and Effective Leadership Certificates with the Justice Institute of British Columbia

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