Bill Davis

Bill Davis is Vice President of Operations for CIRCADIAN®. He is responsible for management oversight on all global consulting projects, including workforce management, scheduling optimization, shiftworker staffing, crewing, and training, overtime management, and employee health, safety and productivity initiatives.

Bill and his operations team have successfully completed many complex shiftwork related assignments for a wide spectrum of industries, including oil and gas (exploration, production, refining and distribution), in the UK, Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, Russia, and Japan, in addition to the USA, Canada and the Caribbean.

In addition to his personal involvement in hundreds of shiftwork-related projects, Bill has extensive experience with fatigue management programs and human error reduction initiatives. These projects have been as diverse as evaluating the effects of high altitude mining (5000+ meters in the high Andes) on the health, safety and performance of heavy equipment operators, to analyzing the physiological and sociological effects of working 24-hour shifts in a large, metropolitan emergency medical response force.

Prior to his tenure at CIRCADIAN®, Bill spent 10 years with International Paper as a Corporate Safety Manager and as a Plant Manager. He also spent nearly a decade with Jones and Laughlin/LTV Steel, starting as a steel mill shiftworker and working his way up the safety management ranks. This real-world industrial background has provided Bill with a natural rapport with managers, union representatives, and employees at all organizational levels.

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