Bobbi Schroeppel

Ms. Schroeppel is Vice President – Customer Care, Communications and Human Resources for NorthWestern Energy. Ms. Schroeppel’s responsibilities include strategic and day-to-day leadership of NorthWestern’s customer facing, corporate communication and human resources processes; including customer interaction, revenue collection, customer education, customer programs and services, energy efficiency, market research, customer care systems and infrastructure, branding and advertising, media relations and the human resource generalists processes.

Since joining NorthWestern in May of 1998, Ms. Schroeppel has also held positions in market research, support services and strategy.

Ms. Schroeppel started her career in 1994 at Wright-Hennepin Electric Cooperative, Rockford MN. While at Wright-Hennepin, she held positions in electric and security dispatch, marketing and market research, and technical field services.

She holds degrees in Statistics and Sociology from the University of Minnesota, as well as an MBA from the U of MN Carlson School of Management.

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