Brad Tuffley

“Mr. Tuffley is an electrical engineer with experience in transmission, distribution and substation design, engineering, and consulting. He has assisted in the hiring process that grew a distribution team from two to over ten fulltime engineers in under a year. He has provided training to multiple teams of new hires in geographic information systems (GIS), overhead (OH) and underground (UG) distribution systems and line design. He also assisted new hires with internal and client onboarding process, IT issues, and navigating company policies. He provided technical distribution training through quality control, group project work, reviews and demonstrations. In his current role, Mr. Tuffley works closely with utilities in the west to build strong relationships to support their individual needs when it comes to modernizing their electric power grid. Prior to becoming an engineer, Mr. Tuffley’s previous careers included over 15 years in the customer service industry, teaching, mentoring and growing relationship between clients and team members.”

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