Brandon Besch

Brandon Besch has been with SCE since 2004 when he joined the company as an Electrical Engineer working on substation automation projects. Shortly after joining SCE he participated in an engineering job rotation program that gave him experience in areas such as Transmission and Interconnection Planning, Protection Engineering and ultimately Distribution Field Engineering.

In 2008, Brandon joined the Substation Construction and Maintenance organization as a Construction Project Manager working on a wide variety of capital projects that ranged from new substations, to infrastructure upgrades, to large scale substation expansions and rebuilds.

Starting in 2012 Brandon moved into leadership roles in Substation Construction, initially spending several years managing the Substation Construction Project Management group where his organization was responsible for managing hundreds of SCE’s annual substation construction and infrastructure upgrade projects. In 2016 Brandon transitioned to a new role leading Substation Construction Field Forces, where he was responsible for an organization of 175 craft personnel that perform a wide variety of construction activities on capital projects.

In January 2019 Brandon moved into the role of Principal Manager of Substation Construction where he was responsible for the Construction Management, Field Forces, Material Operations, Start-Up Engineering and Quality Control.

Most recently, Brandon was assigned to a new role in Substation Construction & Maintenance as the Principal Manager of Work Management and Technical Services, where he is responsible for the construction management, strategic planning and performance management for the organization as well as the compliance and maintenance programs and technical support of field operations.

Outside of work Brandon enjoys traveling with his wife, and taking advantage of California’s many outdoor activities like camping, hiking, backpacking, skiing, and surfing.

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