Brent Kassing

Brent Kassing is a 20 utility industry veteran with experience working for companies all across the country. Brent began his career designing and implementing CIS systems for companies such as Southern Company, ComEd and Orange and Rockland. He then moved to the wholesale market where he spent a majority of his time working with the design and deployment of solutions and processes associated with the Independent System Operators. He worked at each of the ISOs in the United States including the California ISO. Brent then moved into that “smart” stuff world with an AMI networking company which led him back into the consulting world with a focus on operational technologies.

Now, with iFactor, Brent is a jack of all trades and is responsible for sales and marketing, business development and project implementation. Brent is passionate about improving the communication both within a utility and between a utility and its customers and brings that to his current clients Pacificorp and NV Energy.

Brent has a business undergraduate degree from the great University of Kansas and an MBA from Rollins College in Winter Park, FL.

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