Brian Doubinin

Brian Doubinin is the CEO and co-founder of 3DInternet.

3DInternet is a leading supplier and world leader in 3D technology development, 3D simulations and interactive courseware to the energy sector world-wide.

With over three decades of technology experience, 3DInternet developed an innovative 3D web based interoperable architecture that can be deployed on LMS servers, mobile devices and standalone computers which employs advanced gaming platforms and cinema grade animation technology for realistic commercial and industrial applications.

3DInternet specializes in 3D interactive safety simulations, virtual reality, app development, infrastructure visualization projects, electrical, gas and oil courseware development.

Most large Electrical Utilities in North America and many of the largest Oil & Gas Companies world-wide have utilized our products and services. Some of our high-profile projects include simulations for nuclear & power plants, oil refineries, operator training in control rooms, PLC and motor control, substations, tabletop virtual reality scene builders and, multi-user emergency response involving military and first responders.

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