Bryan Hellard

Bryan began researching Bitcoin over the summer of 2013, building off his background in Mechatronics and Robotics. In fall 2013, he began to get involved with the cryptocurrency groups around Vancouver. Bryan worked with the local DCTRL doing educational nights on mining, as well as becoming a local reseller of ASIC hardware. He’s been involved in Coinfest since the first year, giving talks, being on panels, or running workshops about the mining aspect of Bitcoin. He’s been on podcasts, on the radio and in the newspaper, speaking about Bitcoin and how it’s spreading throughout the city and across the world. Bryan’s goal is to keep pushing on the educational aspect of cryptocurrencies, so that everyone can learn about them and participate in this next great technological leap. Bryan and Shane began working together on Goldenstrike in 2014. Bryan handles the hardware side of the mining operations, ranging from choosing the best ASICs for the task to designing the data center requirements.

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