Bryon Winget

Bryon Winget, P.E. is the supervisor of Direct Assessment in the Integrity Management group at Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E). Bryon attained Bachelor’s and Masters of Science degrees in Materials Science and Engineering from U.C. Berkeley and holds a professional engineer’s license in Mechanical Engineering. Prior to his work at PG&E, Bryon conducted research at U.C. Berkeley on enhancing the adsorption rates of inhibitors on Conoco Phillips Prudhoe Bay feeder lines by manipulating oxide and hydroxide formations. At PG&E, Bryon has helped support PG&E in developing and enhancing the corrosion control and integrity management program to ensure a safe and reliable pipeline system. As part of this role, he has led the effort to develop a better understanding of alternating current (AC) interference– especially relevant due to the shared right-of-ways, direct current (DC) interference, casings, internal corrosion, and atmospheric corrosion at PG&E. He has several years of field and engineering experience in corrosion which has enabled him to become a NACE certified cathodic protection specialist.

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