Carl Landre

Mr. Landre has spent the last 30 years in the Natural Gas Industry both from a consumer of information and as a provider. Half of his time has been spent working in various positions in Distribution and Gas Supply at NW Natural. The last fifteen years, Mr. Landre has been working on information systems at NW Natural to help provide an information foundation of integrated data for reporting and analysis. Starting with the development of interfaces and reports for NW Natural’s Gas Trading software, Mr. Landre has participated in many major IT projects at NW Natural including replacement of our SCADA system, and the development of NWN’s DataWarehouse. The last three years have been spent as the Business Warehouse Architect for our SAP implementation and Data Architect for the enterprise.

Landre holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and multiple certificates of learning in the Computer Science discipline with an emphasis on Data Architecture and design.

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