Carol Mak

Carol Mak is currently the Regulatory Manager of Gas Storage Risk Management at SoCalGas, responsible for overseeing a variety of regulatory proceedings, developing strategy and advising in business policy for SoCalGas’ natural gas storage facilities in response to new or emerging regulation, legislation, and public policy.

Prior to this, Carol has held various roles with increasing responsibilities in SoCalGas’ Customer Solutions organization, which most recently included leading the Commercial and Industrial Services team to provide all encompassing, single point customer service and energy solutions for refinery, government, higher education, manufacturing, and commercial accounts. She has had experience developing and building teams from the ground up as well managing and restructuring existing organizations to address changing business environments. Her past responsibilities also included market development/outreach and growth strategy, managing the implementation of gas curtailment events and incident response, advising in tariff, rules, federal contracts, gas market, contract compliance, nonresidential and energy markets, energy efficiency, power generation, cogeneration, emissions testing and environmental compliance.

Carol has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cal Poly Pomona and is a licensed Professional Engineer.

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