Chico Hunter

Chico began working at SRP in 2003 and is currently the manager of Research and Environmental Policy. He previously has worked in a number of areas at SRP including as a senior engineer in the Renewable Energy and Technology group and as a principal engineer in Resource Acquisition and Analysis.

In his current role he has responsibility for both evaluating proposed environmental regulations and for corporate research and development. The environmental policy work includes evaluating new regulations and supporting SRP compliance activities for air permits, water permits, endangered species and hazardous materials. The R&D side of the group helps coordinate research projects throughout the company including transmission, distribution, conventional generation technologies, renewable energy technologies, water distribution and management, customer service and emerging customer sited technologies like rooftop solar and electric vehicles.

Prior to his career at SRP, Chico worked for 11 years as a process control and automation engineer for several manufacturing companies in Arizona. He holds a Bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and a Master’s in manufacturing engineering, both from Arizona State University.

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