Chris Moore

Chris Moore is Vice President of Engineering at JANA. Mr. Moore received his Bachelor of Engineering Science in Materials Engineering from Western University. He has spent his entire career in the Transmission pipeline and Gas Distribution industry, with specific focus in Engineering and Operations.

With a career that spanned more than two decades at the Enbridge family of companies – Enbridge Pipelines, Enbridge Gas Storage and Enbridge Gas Distribution – Mr. Moore is well-versed in operational, engineering and regulatory requirements involved in managing pipeline assets. Mr. Moore has spent 15 years in leadership roles, from Engineering Materials & Construction through to EH&S, ultimately ending up as the Director of Operations for Enbridge Gas Distribution before transitioning to the private sector. As Vice President of Engineering at JANA, Mr. Moore leverages his 25 years of industry experience and his passion for people to train and mentor JANA’s staff of engineers.

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