Chris Noble

Chris Noble joined Mountain Fuel in December 1988. Mountain Fuel later changed it’s name to Questar and in 2016, Questar joined Dominion Energy. Chris moved into his current role as Operations System Support Manager/Western Gas Distribution in 2017 where he oversees the High Pressure, Measurement & Control, Meter Shop, Cathodic Protection and Leak Survey.
While starting his energy career as a meter reader in Sandy City, Utah, Chris attended college studying accounting and the electrical trade. Chris also has experience as a Collector, Service Technician, Ask-A-Tech, System Integrity Technician and Cathodic Protection Technician. Chris has also had various foreman and supervisor roles.
Chris has experience remodeling and framing houses, building log homes and had the opportunity to live and work as a missionary in London, England 1986-1988. Chris also enjoys golfing and fishing and is married and has one son and two daughters.

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