Christina Veltkamp

I joined ENSTAR Natural Gas Company in November 2006 as a Customer Service Supervisor. My experience included 2 years as a CIS and Customer Service Trainer and 7 years of supervisor and management experience from my previous job of 11 years with a local communications company in Alaska. In 2012, I promoted into my current position as Manager of Customer Services. Like most managers, my responsibility ranges over a number of areas, to include but not limited to, Customer Service Call Center and Retail, Customer Correspondence, Credit and Collections, Billing and Customer Information System (CIS). I currently have two direct reports and twenty-three indirect reports. My experience with ENSTAR has been amazing. I joined ENSTAR during a time of leadership and cultural transition, which allowed me the challenge and opportunity of introducing change through management style, technological efficiencies and regulatory revisions. I recently completed the WEI Business Acumen for Emerging Leaders in 2019, which was an amazing experience.

I was born and raised in Northern California, but have lived in Alaska since 1995. I have two children, ages 22 and 26. I have enjoyed Alaska life of fishing, camping, 4-wheeling and snow machining, I enjoy painting, sewing, reading and trips to sunny Las Vegas.

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