Christy Burke

I started at Salt River Project in 2010 as a Financial Analyst in the Credit Risk group, responsible for the trading approvals of our wholesale commodity trading group. In 2012, I went on to join SRP’s Business Analyst Rotation Program, gaining experience within the Treasury, Water Rights and Contracts, Financial Planning and Pricing organizations. I moved into a management role as the Credit Risk Manager in 2014. In early 2018 I moved outside of our financial services organization to broaden my experience as the Land Acquisitions Manager where I currently manage a team of 10 Land Agents that handle the acquisition and management of land rights used for all aspects of SRP’s business to support the mission of providing reliable water and power to customers. This includes purchasing real estate and other land rights for substations, high voltage transmission, distribution lines, generation facilities, and other facilities necessary for the diverse range of SRP operations.

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