Charles Adamson

Chuck Adamson is a manager in the T&D Major Projects group at SCE. He is responsible for managing a group dedicated to the development, siting, licensing, engineering, procurement, and construction of major transmission, distribution and substation projects. Chuck has over 38 years of experience in management, project management, engineering, technical training, construction, and technical support at SCE and has spent the past 20 years managing the siting, licensing and construction of major transmission infrastructure projects such as the Tehachapi Renewable, Eldorado-Ivanpah, Devers-Colorado River, San Joaquin Cross Valley Loop, Coolwater-Lugo, Mesa 500kV Upgrade, West of Devers Transmission, and Eldorado-Lugo-Mohave Upgrade Projects. He was also involved in the recently completed TRTP 500kV underground segment through Chino Hills CA, “North America’s First.” Starting with the Delaney-Colorado River and Harry Allen-Eldorado Transmission Projects, Chuck led the SCE FERC Order 1000 team. SCE bid and collaborated on both the DCR and HEA project solicitations from the CAISO and continues to monitor FERC Order 1000 developments.

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