Cindy Oliveto

Cindy Oliveto has more than fifteen years’ experience leading Business transformations. At Puget Sound Energy (PSE), Cindy leads PSE’s IT business engagement for New Products and Growth, Energy Efficiency, Customer Care, Communications, Corporate Shared Services such as HR, Benefits, Corporate Security, Fleet, Operational Training, and PSE’s Legal/Environmental/Risk/Compliance team.

In her Business Technology Solution Management function she works closely with business partners to create business and technology strategic plans, develop technology roadmaps and long term financial plans. She aims to optimize and accelerate her business’ performance through the solutions IT delivers.

Cindy has more than 15 years of consulting experience in leadership positions, and for 14 years, held several leadership roles at Microsoft. Her experience spans multiple business product development functions, IT and product engineering. She is a and trusted advisor to clients and a business leader, with a track record of producing bottom line results for businesses, and growth for the firms she represents.

Her client experience has afforded Cindy the ability to work across industries and functions, to synthesize information for leadership in large organizations, and to work shoulder to shoulder with clients on business challenges that need careful examination and critical decision-making. It is this proficiency that assists Cindy’s passion for bridging business and technology and determination for continual innovation and improvement for the businesses she serves.

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