Danielle Vitoff

Danielle Vitoff is the leader of Guidehouse’s global Energy Systems Decarbonization solutions team, which focuses on mapping optimized decarbonization pathways, advising on low carbon fuel strategies, and developing sustainability programs and GHG emissions accounting methodologies for energy clients. Danielle leads cross-functional teams to construct strategies that position clients for success in the complex and changing landscape of climate and sustainability. Danielle is adept at managing diverse stakeholder networks, exposing underlying drivers, and driving forward strategies with wide support. Notable engagements include leading the development of decarbonization roadmaps for multiple utilities, including advising on Duke Energy’s North Carolina Carbon Plan, leading the development of the San Antonio Climate Action and Adaptation and serving as the lead author on a first-of-its-kind report for the American Gas Foundation: Building A Resilient Energy Future: How the Gas System Contributes to US Energy System Resilience. Danielle has a background in architecture and specific experience designing high-performance, whole-building solutions for both residential and commercial buildings. Prior to joining Guidehouse, Danielle was the Research Director for Maclay Architects, a small sustainable design firm. In this position she supported multiple Zero Net Energy (ZNE) projects and the writing of the book The New Net Zero. Danielle holds BAs in Environmental Design and Environmental Studies from Montana State University.

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