Danielle Vitoff

Danielle Vitoff, LEED AP, TRUE Advisor, is an Associate Director and part of the leadership of the Sustainability Solutions team within Navigant’s Energy Practice. In her role on the Sustainability Solutions team, Mrs. Vitoff has supported multiple Fortune 500 companies and large U.S. cities in developing their sustainability initiatives, particularly in calculating carbon footprints, setting Science-Based Targets, and developing mitigation strategies.

Mrs. Vitoff has a background in architecture and specific experience designing high-performance, whole-building solutions for both residential and commercial buildings. Prior to joining Navigant, Mrs. Vitoff was the Research Director for Maclay Architects, a small sustainable design firm. In this position she supported multiple Zero Net Energy (ZNE) projects and the writing of the book The New Net Zero. Mrs. Vitoff holds BAs in Environmental Design and Environmental Studies from Montana State University.

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