Dave Coates

Over the past 25 years as an Industrial Physical Therapist and Kinesiologist, David Coates set-up his on-site clinical practices within large workplaces to develop client-specific ergonomics, musculoskeletal injury prevention and disability management programs to reduce the human and financial costs of musculoskeletal injury. Efforts included participatory ergonomics initiatives, movement safety training, industrial athlete programming, early intervention/job-attached rehabilitation and return to work programming.

David has culminated his years of experience into developing the MoveSafe Program. MoveSafe is an education and training program that teaches people WHY we need to train our bodies through specific warm-up routines to position and move properly at work, at home and at play. MoveSafe promotes the concept that we can get stronger and healthier from physical work and not deteriorate from seated work as long as we give our body what it needs and practice the ‘Big 3’ Positioning and Movement Fundamentals. Movesafe helps client organizations integrate ergonomics and biomechanics principles into daily safety management systems activities.

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