Dean Battershill

I have over 20 years in the Utility industry as a Certified Power-line Technician (PLT)(Power Lineman) who has worked in both Southern Ontario, and Calgary, Alberta, Canada. During this time, I have been involved in construction on both the Distribution Overhead & Underground power systems as well as the Secondary NETWORK power system. From there I then moved into a NETWORK Planning and Design role in which I undertook the needs of the ENMAX NETWORK grid in both design and work order planning with a focus on maintenance and Customer planning. To help support the Safety needs of multiple departments I transitioned into the ENMAX Safety department assisting our Field services teams with a strong support on workplace safety. Together all of this combined experience supported a decision to step into management role as I was offered the position of Field Resource Manager of the Underground dept. with my focus 100% based on both the NETWORK and LOCATES departments.

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