Dean Battershill

I have over 20 years in the Utility industry as a Certified Power-line Technician (PLT)(Power Lineman) who has worked in both Southern Ontario, and Calgary, Alberta, Canada. During this time, I have been involved in construction on both the Distribution Overhead & Underground power systems as well as the Secondary NETWORK power system. From there I then moved into a NETWORK Planning and Design role in which I undertook the needs of the ENMAX NETWORK grid in both design and work order planning with a focus on maintenance and Customer planning. To help support the Safety needs of multiple departments I transitioned into the ENMAX Safety department assisting our Field services teams with a strong support on workplace safety. Together all of this combined experience supported a decision to step into management role as Field Resource Manager of the Underground dept. with my focus 100% based on both the URD, NETWORK and LOCATES departments. After about 4 years I have taken on the role as Manager of Safety Operations for ENMAX Corporation overseeing an amazing team of Safety Specialists and together we work to ensure that day to day OH&S requirements are being share, utilized and embraced in all divisions of ENMAX. (ENERGY Power Generation, Power Delivery and Corporate Offices).

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