Douglas Gapp

Doug Gapp has over 32 years of experience in natural gas distribution and transmission operations and support staff responsibilities at Southwest Gas. He has experience in a variety of areas including pipeline system design, measurement, and pressure regulation, pipeline flow simulation modeling, compliance with federal, state, local and industry piping and material design and installation standards and recommended practices, environmental compliance, development of company material and design standards, and material failure and incident investigation. His current position is Manager/Engineering Staff/Pipeline Safety Planning. One of his major responsibilities at this time is the implementation of PSMS at Southwest Gas. A recently retired Southwest Gas Vice President, Bill Moody, was on the development team that created API RP1173 so Doug got an early preview and started working on it even before it was finalized. Doug’s biggest hobby is bicycling, specifically road biking. He enjoys riding in 100-mile+ events, particularly the “El Tour de Tucson”, and sometimes even the 200 mile STP (Seattle to Portland) ride.

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