Ellie Lynch

Ms. Lynch is a data analytics professional with experience in the Oil & Gas and Utility industry. She studied Civil Engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology while she worked for Zero Energy Lab, a consultant firm specializing in retrofitting existing infrastructure to use energy more efficiently. Her work with Zero Energy included mapping and analyzing existing utility networks for smart grid design and efficient facility planning.

When she joined EN Engineering, Ms. Lynch continued her work with utilities, working with multiple clients on large main replacement projects, inspecting construction and system analysis. Ms. Lynch combined her gas engineering expertise with her geospatial analysis background to develop the GIS, Data Analytics and Integration team at EN Engineering. In her current role, she helps organizations develop sustainable data system strategies to extract long term value from their data systems. In her pursuit to help organizations bring together the worlds of analytics, engineering and operations for more resilient, robust and efficient energy systems, she is pursuing M.S. Data Science with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence and will be graduating in August 2019. Ms. Lynch has used her machine learning and advanced analytical course work to maximize the benefit of data with current organizations, applying the analytical capabilities to design data driven risk assessments and system design.

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