Emily Goswami

Ms. Goswami has over 17 years of professional experience in exposure assessment, industrial hygiene, human health risk assessment, and project management.
Ms. Goswami’s experience includes evaluating chemical exposures from occupational and residential environments, as well as consumer products; designing and conducting exposure simulations associated with use of consumer products; conducting human health risk assessments for various contaminated sites; performing probabilistic modeling in order to evaluate exposures to chemicals in the workplace; performing residential investigations including air and surface sampling and analysis for mold and other indoor contaminants; and evaluating odors. These projects involved various chemicals and agents including asbestos, benzene, formaldehyde, silica, lead, mercury, particulate matter, mold (fungi), and phthalates. Ms. Goswami also has extensive experience reviewing the published literature pertaining to exposure, epidemiology, and toxicology associated with various sources and types of occupational, paraoccupational, and environmental exposure to various chemicals. Ms. Goswami has testified as an expert witness in the area of industrial hygiene.

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